“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. I'll always be with you.”
~A.A. Milne, from "Winnie the Pooh"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

No Rest for the Wicked....

Dear Liddy,

Heavy thoughts are clouding my mind tonight. It has been a wonderful day, filled with friends, laughter, and lots of crazy kids running around like maniacs..lol And now, as you and your brother sleep cozily in your beds, it is almost midnight and Mommy is STILL up! Doing what, you may be asking....Well, I am doing what seems to be the evil boon of my life, laundry! The foremost thought in my mind tonight is this...DOES IT EVER END???!!!! 

I remember, not so long ago it seems, doing maybe two loads a week when the household consisted of just Caleb and I. With the addition of Ayden and Daddy to the household, we bumped that number to a load every other day. And somehow, although it amazes me, since you have been born I swear that most days I could easily do two loads a day! How one tiny little girl dirties so many clothes, burp cloths, blankets, etc. is truly a mystery to me. But there you have it. A seemingly unending parade of dirty clothes waiting patiently in the laundry basket for me to attend to them.

I don't mind so much the washing. Its not a difficult or time consuming task to throw some clothes in the washer, pour in soap, fill the Downy ball, and let the washer do the rest. Although I guiltily admit that there are days when those freshly laundered clothes never make it to the dryer, leaving me forced to re-wash them the next day (and sometimes the next day too!). Drying them isn't so bad either. But the truth is I HATE hanging, folding and putting away..... and THAT is more often than not the chore that gets put off indefinitely. 

Before you were born, there was a big comfy chair in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom (it has migrated to the living room now to make room for one tiny, precious little Bug's bed). That chair was rarely used as anything other than the laundry catcher. lol You could never even tell there was a chair underneath that enormous mountain of clean clothing. That pile would continue to grow and grow until I finally surrendered to the irritated pleas of my family, who grew quickly tired of sifting through six or seven loads to find a pair of socks, or underwear, or a towel (which somehow there are NEVER enough clean).
I swore to myself that when you were born, I would do better. No school, no work to distract me for a blissful 8 whole months would leave plenty of time for keeping the house sparkly (like my OCD wants it to be!) and promptly pulling our clothes out of the washer and disposing of them right away. Logically, I understand that it's much quicker and easier to put away a single load of laundry than it is to wait until there are several loads waiting for my attention. I even attempted to get your brothers to hang up their own, so that there were two less people's clothing to deal with. HA! Let me let you in on a little secret....your brothers are spoiled! I'm sure that they don't realize it, but someday, their wives are truly going to hate me because I do a LOT of things for them that they are perfectly capable of doing themselves. lol Its a horrible thing to admit, but there are no chores in our house, and frankly, I count myself lucky if dirty clothes magically appear in the various baskets around the house instead of the floor!
Well guess what. I am not doing any better now than I was before you were born....Those freshly washed and dried clothes sit in stashes all over the house, sometimes even on the couch, until someone is coming to visit. Then your Mommy runs around in a mad dash to put them all away so that no one else is subject to my secret shame...There just always seems to be something (anything really lol) that I would rather be doing. Like cuddling the cutest baby girl in the world, or laying on the floor with her trying to make her smile and laugh, or curling up and taking a nap with my precious cuddlebug. So I am just going to blame my procrastination on you...I'm sure you won't mind. ;)

xoxoxoxo, Mommy

P.S. Tomorrow is now today and I am on my THIRD load of laundry (after two loads yesterday). Just when I thought I was caught up for a day or so, you poo-ed all over your clothes, your bouncy seat, and a blanket. I have never seen so much poop come out of you! lol So there I go washing that load. Almost as soon as it finished washing and made its way to the dryer, you proceeded to puke all over BOTH of us....so there's YET another load hanging out in the washer waiting on the previous one to dry! :P Oh, laundry...how I hate you! lol

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  1. LOL...Sounds like laundry at our house!! I do two loads a day EVERY day!! It sucks!


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