“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. I'll always be with you.”
~A.A. Milne, from "Winnie the Pooh"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bedtime Battles, Silly Faces , and Noxious Skunk Fumes

Dearest Bug,

You have now put yourself to sleep four whole days in a row! YAYYYY!!! 
I thought that today I would write you an amusing little tale about the day we had yesterday. :) Starting with the night before....you ate your bottle, then Mommy gaves you hugs and kisses and tucked you in. 15 minutes later, I went in to check on you and you were in that place between being awake and being asleep, with no covers on any more. Mommy very patiently picked up your blankie and tucked you in AGAIN. You looked up at me with very heavy eyes, smiled, snuggled into the blanket, then promptly kicked it off of your feet.
I really don't understand your obsession with NOT having your feet covered. lol They are always cold, even on the hottest days. Yet you resist me putting on your socks and refuse to leave your feet under the blankets. This is a battle that we repeat several times every night. I cover you up, you uncover yourself, until I just, quite frankly, give up for the night. It almost makes me long for the chilly winter nights when I could dress you in your warm jammies so that I KNEW your toes would be warm. Unfortunately, you are a hot-blooded baby and its been just too warm at night for you to wear those cozy PJ's. So I guess this is a battle we will continue to have until it's staying 80 degrees outside at night. Just don't get too cocky that you always win! ;)
I, as always, had my handy dandy little camera out and ready yesterday. You ham it up when it appears, although now you seem to be more focused on staring at it than keeping up with your endless chatter. When I start trying to record you jabbering away, you stop as soon as you hear the little beep that says I am recording, and most of the time steadfastly refuse to talk any more. But if I'm just taking pictures, you remain oblivious. We took some while you took a bath yesterday (Mommy is STILL so proud that you are taking a bath in your OWN tub!) and then some more when you got out, all clean and smelling like a lovely baby girl should. You sure did keep me laughing with all of your silly faces!
Goofy girl....

 I think you have a little Elvis in you....

You seem to want to make me laugh.

I'm not sure what this one is, but it seems to encompass every little bit of redhead attitude! You may not be completely auburn just quite yet, but I firmly believe that its coming! lol
This morning, I woke up and thought that I smelled something strange, but after walking through the entire house, sniffing everything, I couldn't figure out what it was. Until I sat down and opened my Facebook page. Daddy left me a message that if I smelled a skunky smell, welp, that's exactly what it was. I guess that he heard something rustling around in the trash outside and attempted to scare it off by banging on the can with the broom. Needless to say, our house got a little bath in skunk juice and it smells AWFUL! Even after I have burnt every smell good candle we own all day, and sprayed air freshener a thousand times, well, it still smells slightly strange. Better, but still not good. lol

The last few years have been interesting around here where the wild creatures are concerned. I grew up in this house and I don't EVER remember having as many wild creatures just hanging around the house. Last summer was especially crazy......with a raccoon family in the shed (which we moved...a mama and three babies...I think Mama made it back this year), a family of hawks (a mom, a dad, and 3 babies) playing across the street in the mud puddle, a HUGE hawk that came to visit our yard at least twice a week, roosting in our tree, or on the washer that was waiting for Goodwill pickup, or soaring over, making very sure that I saw it each time. We also had a hummingbird that came each day in late summer to eat from the hostas and a huge population of bats who were out eating at dusk for several weeks, every night. I joked with Grandma and said I thought that they were all drawn to you. I was joking. But we're off to a wild start already this year, so maybe there was something to it.....So far THIS year, we've had the family of raccoons back in the shed, a robin who built her nest right beside our back door, a doe who took a morning stroll down our road a few days ago, and now a skunk trying to eat our trash. haha.

I'm a firm believer that God gives us signs. Maybe these all are signs of some message He's been trying to tell us. The hawks last year really made me feel as if He were trying VERY hard to give me some sort of peace....and strangely enough, when I started to feel at peace, the hawk was gone and I never saw him again. So what message am I supposed to get this year?

Maybe it's to give thanks for my beautiful baby. Maybe it's to not worry so much about your upcoming surgery, that you are within God's hands and you will be just fine. Maybe it's something as simple as a reminder to slow down, see the beauty of God's world, and drink it in. :)

I'm going to leave you with a few more pictures of my bathing beauty. Mama loves you!!!!!


  1. Her hair is just amazing - I can't get over how long it is! She's fantastic! Also thank you for the notes on my blog - so appreciate it :)

  2. Annie, First of all, you are most welcome!!! :) And yep, this baby had so much hair even before she was born that it was showing up on ultrasounds! lol It's not as wild as it was for the first few months (Super glue wouldn't hold her cow-licks down back then) since now its longer! I can't WAIT for pigtails!!!!


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