“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. I'll always be with you.”
~A.A. Milne, from "Winnie the Pooh"

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What We're Up To

Dear sweet Bug,
This has been an exhausting week. We went to church with Grandma and Grandpa on Easter Sunday, so that Grandma could show you off. You did not care for it at all. You had your first major meltdown, and spent almost 45 minutes screaming bloody murder. We never made it in to the church service. Instead we just ducked into a quiet room, you, Daddy, Grandma and I, and spent the service letting you rest and play. It wasn't exactly what we had in mind but it turned out nice anyway...You have been so sheltered during your last four months, and I think that the big crowd of strangers, all the noise and being out of your comfort zone was just a little too much for you to deal with. But you looked sooo pretty in your Easter dress and pretty bonnet. :)

Monday you had your third therapy session with Carole. You did an amazing job, and proved that with a little help you can do awesome things! This week you worked very hard with very little complaint and even made Mommy a Mother's Day present! Carole was very impressed, and extremely excited to see how far you had come over the weekend. You can now hold your head up at a 90 degree angle and are impressively rolling over on your own. You don't do it often (usually when its least expected) but you can whenever you choose to. I think you don't do it very much because you really dislike being on your belly (other than when you cuddle up to go to sleep on Mommy's chest) so you just don't see the point of it all. lol She brought you a Bumbo seat this week to go along with your bright yellow exercise ball and you showed off sitting up like a big girl, even though we had to prop you up with a towel because you're still so very tiny.......
 Tuesday, you had to visit Dr. Perry's office for part of your four month shots. Little did we know what an awful night and day we were in for.... You had a reaction to one of the shots and although you were your normal, happy self the majority of the day, around 6 pm, you started screaming and wouldn't stop. You had your first fever and even though I gave you some baby Tylenol it wouldn't go down. After several hours of trying to comfort you, Mommy and Daddy decided that it would be best to take you to the Emergency room just to be on the safe side. They registered your temp at 101 and gave you more Tylenol, which shortly returned you to my smiley girl. Your nurse must have been spreading the word about how cute you are, even sick, because we had a steady stream of ladies coming in to peek at you. Even when you're not at your best, you steal manage to steal hearts where ever we go. :)
 Wednesday, you still didn't feel good and ran a fever off and on all day, although after our hospital visit, I knew how much medicine to give you to make you feel better. You would wake up from a nap crying and 15 minutes after I gave you medicine, you would be smiling, babbling and playing again. Still I was so relieved when we woke up Thursday morning without any sign of fever.
I still don't think that you're at the top of your game again yet. You seem jumpy and extra sensitive to noise. If I hold you and laugh, cough, or move suddenly, you start crying and it takes a lot of cuddling to settle you back down. I have been told by other mothers of special angels that this aversion to loud noises is normal, but it hasn't ever been a concern with you until the last week. I'm hoping that its just a lingering effect of your brief little illness that will pass us by. I love you so much that it hurts my heart for you to be so upset and have nothing that I can do to stop it except continue to cuddle you....Trust me, I don't mind the cuddles at all. I just hate to see you crying. We have a well baby check coming up this week, and more shots. :( I hope so much that these don't make you sick again......

I love you so much, my tiny little Bug. I'm going to head in and snuggle you tight for a little bit before I go to sleep. Here's looking forward to a much better week!

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